If you are pregnant you do have a Choice!

If you are considering having an abortion, you owe it to yourself to stop and think it through.  It’s important to get all the facts first and make an informed decision. Our medical staff is here to help answer all your questions:  from how far along you are in the pregnancy, to what might be involved in an abortion and what the health risks would be with an abortion.


Questions to ask when considering abortion:

  • Am I really pregnant? (Is this a viable pregnancy?)
  • How far along am I?
  • What abortion methods can be used?
  • What are the risks of an abortion?
  • What happens after an abortion?
  • What if I have already had an abortion?
  • Are there other options available to me?

Before you schedule an abortion we offer these confidential and free services:

  1. Verify your pregnancy with a medical grade pregnancy test.
  2. Schedule an ultrasound to confirm the viability of the pregnancy.
    • Is there a heartbeat (have I or am I miscarrying?)
    • Is the pregnancy where it’s supposed to be (is it an ectopic pregnancy?)
    • How far along am I?
  3. Receive thorough pregnancy options counsel.

Our medical staff is here to help you get all the facts you need to make a fully informed decision.  We offer FREE and CONFIDENTIAL pregnancy testing, ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy, and options counseling so you can make the best decision.

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