She might be pregnant! Now what?!


The choices we make will change us forever. You don’t have to face this alone. We are here because we care.

Here are some things to think about that may help you right now:

  • Listen. You aren’t the only one involved here, there are three lives to think about.
  • Stay calm. Many have been in the same situation you’re in. Help is available.
  • Talk about it. You can decrease stress by talking to people who can genuinely help you.

Try not to:

  • Run. Bailing or ignoring the situation only makes it harder to think and act clearly.
  • Don’t pressure her. Pressure only pushes her away, maybe into a regretful situation. Think teamwork.
  • Don’t forget. You have a very active role in this situation. Listen to input and talk about your thoughts.

We’re here to help. We talk to many men about the choices they have when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Call us for a free, confidential appointment.



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