Our story was a love story from the very beginning!  We got married exactly one year from our first date!  We were determined to make a good life for ourselves and worked very hard!  When we were ready to start a family, we were excited!

img_9119After five years and still no pregnancy, we started seeking help and proceeded with IVF in Colorado.  The doctor and staff were amazing and we ended up pregnant!!!!  Sadly, we miscarried at 10 weeks.  We were devastated to say the very least.

Amazingly, three months later, by word of mouth, I got a call on a Friday afternoon from a lady who said she heard we might be interested in adoption and that her daughter was in the hospital on bed rest and would be giving birth to a little girl any time.  She wanted to meet us!  We were shocked, thrilled and very scared all at the same time.  We met with her in the hospital each day for two weeks, allowing her to ask us questions and talk about our beliefs, goals and dreams.  The birth mother finally picked us to be the parents of her special little girl.  Two weeks later, beautiful Madison Lynn was born.  She has been our pride and joy and what we commonly refer to as our Miracle Baby!  She is now 10 and thriving.

Fast forward four years later…we were content with our child and our family life, but did long to add to our family if it were ever to be a possibility.  While on a moose hunt in Canada, we received information that another birth grandma had heard we were interested in adoption and that her daughter was pregnant and was having a baby boy.  She asked if we could meet with her when we returned home!  We were so excited, we talked about it non-stop and tried not to get our hopes up.  We both agreed that a little boy would definitely complete our family.  Upon our return home, we met with the couple immediately and established a great relationship.  Over the course of the next three months, we were able to enjoy her pregnancy by attending doctor appointments and meeting on a regular basis to get to know each other.  We were so excited when Ryan Jacob entered our world in January of 2012.  He was the 1st baby born of the new year!

img_9116Both children and their birth families have been an absolute blessing to our family.  They each know about their birth families and know they are adopted and most importantly know how much they are loved by so many people!  Everything happens for a reason in this world, and our unfortunate inability to have a family on our own, was not part of the bigger plan God had in store for us.  We were meant for these two children and they were meant for us.

We have the utmost love, adoration, respect and  appreciation for these strong women who chose to allow us to raise, love, care for and cherish their children because they knew that we could do it in a manner that they could not.  These women are strong, they are brave, and they are selfless.

Today, these little munchkins are growing furiously!  They are happy, they are strong, and they have a bond between them that is amazing!  We are so thankful for our adoption experience and would highly recommend adoption to others!