Q: Does Serenity refer for abortions?

A: Serenity does not perform or refer for abortions. However, here is what Serenity can do for you:

  1. Conduct a free medical grade pregnancy test.
  2. Perform a free limited obstetric ultrasound exam, reviewed by a licensed physician, to confirm your pregnancy and determine how far along you are. Before you undergo the expense and medical risk of abortion, you need to first know if you have a viable pregnancy, as 14-27%* of pregnancies end naturally in miscarriage.  Also, knowing how many weeks/days pregnant you are is important in determining which type of abortion procedure you would have to undergo.
  3. Provide free and confidential Options Counseling to review the different types of abortion procedures (pharmaceutical, surgical, etc.) and any risks or potential side effects. It’s important to receive comprehensive information on all your options to make an informed decision. We encourage you to schedule an appointment at Serenity. You do not have to go through this overwhelming process alone.

*Source:  Centers for Disease Control (www.cdc.gov)


Q: Are the services free?

A:  Yes, all of Serenity’s services are completely FREE. Serenity is a non-profit organization. We’ve intentionally structured our organization so we don’t make money on any pregnancy decision that you make. That means we can provide unbiased information without a financial conflict of interest. And we’ll do it in a caring, non­-judgmental way. Visit our Services page for a list of all the services available to you.


Q: What should I expect during my first appointment?

A: When you come to Serenity for your first appointment you will be greeted by our receptionist. You will want to come to the Center a few minutes early to fill out your initial intake paperwork (10-15 mins). You will be introduced to a Patient Advocate who will spend some time getting to know you and discuss your current situation. A urine pregnancy test will be done, and if that is positive, our nurse will determine if an ultrasound may be done to confirm your pregnancy. Once your pregnancy has been confirmed, your Patient Advocate will speak to you about the services we provide and how we can best serve your immediate and long term needs.


Q: Do I need to bring anything with me to the appointment?

A: We ask that you bring a valid form of ID: driver’s license, picture ID, student ID, passport, etc.



Q: I already know I’m pregnant. Can I still utilize your services?

A: Of course. Bring proof of your pregnancy to your appointment or take a pregnancy test with us to confirm. Our staff will be happy to talk about options and services with you.


Q: What if I change my mind after taking the abortion pill?


Some doctors have begun using natural progesterone to counteract the effects of the abortion pill. Under a doctor’s care, some women have successfully continued their pregnancies and given birth to healthy babies after taking just the first pill (mifepristone) of a medication abortion.

This use of progesterone is currently being studied. Women should not attempt to counteract the abortion pill without the assistance of a medical professional.

For more information visit: abortionpillreversal.com, call: 877-558-0333 or contact your OB/GYN.


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